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Many are preparing to help as healers, teachers and guides as Humanity begins its pilgrimage to the New Earth.

Please join us in creating a beautiful new world where all inhabitants can live freely and in peace.

Our Mission

Helping Humanity become its finest self as the Light of a New Era awakens the Earth and her People.

This website will serve as a Networking Directory for

Humanitarian Projects and Quantum Technologies in the fields of


  • Age Reversal

  • Health Care

  • Free Energy

  • Education

  • Food Production

  • Planetary Healing

  • Transportation

  • Commerce

Multi-Media Networking

will include websites, social media, and demonstrations as new technologies are being released.



New Earth Stewardship is a concept that embodies the conscious creation

of Highly Advanced Technologies and Humanitarian Programs that

will greatly improve the life of every living soul on Earth.




Music by Thomas Bergersen  -  Humanity:  Chapter II

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