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Light of a New Era awakens the Earth and her People

Celestial Chambers


If I had just one special gift to share with our world

it would be a wonderful creation that could fully restore

our bodies to a perfected state, regardless of

our age or current state of health.

It would be able to do its job, without using surgery, radiation,

lasers, drugs, or toxic chemicals.  The process would also be

bloodless, painless, and would not require recovery time.

For soldiers who have bravely served our country and returned

home with missing limbs, it would have the ability to

regrow them, and also body parts, like eyes, ears,

skin, teeth, hair, and internal organs.



For the tiny humans who've endured unspeakable abuses in

underground tunnels throughout the world, it would restore

their broken bodies and have the ability to permanently

suppress traumatic memories, so they could go on

to live happy, healthy, and normal lives.

Perhaps I'm biased, but from the perspective of a Mother whose

20-year-old son was killed during a rescue mission, there is

no greater gift, especially for those we hold dear,

than to help them overcome injuries, illness,

disease, and sometimes, death itself.

Getting homeless vets off the streets is an admirable cause,

but we can do better - by fully restoring their bodies,

so they could enjoy life - in a world where poverty,

pain and war no longer exist.

The same technology would reverse the aging process

and make it possible - to stay young and healthy -

for as long as we wish to be here. 


That probably sounds like something from a sci-fi movie,

but the technology already exists - and can

quickly become a reality - for all of us.

It's called a Celestial Chamber and is being developed

by Jared Rand and his team in Colorado.


Celestial Chambers are more advanced than med beds and

are not affiliated with the secret space programs.

They will be distributed worldwide, free of charge,

after sufficient funding has been received for

start-up and production costs.





Learn more about Jared Rand here.

Music by Thomas Bergersen  -  Humanity:  Chapter II  

Author - Sonora Stephenson

Copyright © 2023  -  New Earth Stewardship  -  All rights reserved.

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